Objective & Functions

The Life Insurance Association of Japan (LIAJ) started as an incorporated association with formal sanction by the authorities concerned on 7 December 1908. Since then, the Association has continued to make efforts for the sound development of the life insurance industry.

  • a)Objective
    To strive for sound development of the life insurance industry and maintain its reliability
  • b)Functions
    1. (a)Research and study of theories and practices relating to life insurance
    2. (b)Public relations relating to life insurance
    3. (c)Statement on life insurance
    4. (d)Other functions considered necessary to attain the purpose of the Association
  • c)History
    1898 The Forum of Japanese Life Insurers was founded.
    1905 The Forum of Japanese Life Insurers was reorganized into the Association of Japanese Life Insurers.
    1908 The Association of Japanese Life Insurers was authorized as an incorporated association.
    1942 The Life Insurance Control Association was founded. The Association of Japanese Life Insurers was renamed the Life Insurance Network, and most of its operations were transferred to the Life Insurance Control Association.
    1945 The Life Insurance Council of Japan was founded to take over the operations of the Control Association after it was dissolved. The Life Insurance Network was renamed the Life Insurance Association of Japan (LIAJ). All the operations of the Life Insurance Network were transferred to the LIAJ.
    2008 The LIAJ marked the 100th anniversary since its foundation.
  • d)Membership
    All life insurance companies operating in Japan
  • e)Main Activities
    1. (1)Development of Code of Conduct, Guiding Principles and Voluntary Guidelines
      In order to gain public trust in the life insurance business, the Association has developed the Code of Conduct to be followed by member companies and its executives/employees. Also, the LIAJ has prepared guiding principles and voluntary guidelines specifying practical transactions and points to consider for executives/employees of member companies to promote appropriate and sound operation of the life insurance business.
    2. (2)Requests and Proposals
      In order to fulfill public expectations in the life insurance industry and to encourage self-help efforts in people's lives, the Association submits requests and proposals to various parties concerned with regard to life insurance including requests on tax reform. Also, the Association submits various comments to international organizations on international issues considering the potential impacts of those issues on Japan's life insurance industry, including comments of the Global Federation of Insurance Associations (GFIA).
    3. (3)Educational Activities
      The Association offers education and examination programs which can be commonly applied throughout the industry to sales agents/agencies and office personnel.
    4. (4)Consultation Services
      The Association deals with inquiries and complaints generally concerning life insurance from the public including policyholders. The Association supports the resolution of complaints as a designated dispute resolution body under the Insurance Business Act.
    5. (5)International Activities
      The Association deals with visitors, inquiries and lecture requests from other countries. The Association strengthens the relationship with domestic and international organizations and institutions by attending international insurance conferences, being involved in the activities of GFIA and exchanging information with insurance associations of other countries.
    6. (6)Research and Production of Statistics
      The Association conducts studies and surveys on laws and regulations related to life insurance and social security systems as well as the life insurance business in other countries. The Association also publishes statistics on life insurance.
    7. (7)Public Relations Activities
      The Association provides information on the trends and views of the life insurance industry with other parties, in order to promote a better understanding of life insurance.
    8. (8)Measures against Moral Hazard
      The Association takes various measures to prevent moral hazard such as fraudulent acquisition of insurance benefits and to promote sound management of the life insurance system.
    9. (9)Operation of the Life Insurance Network Center (LINC)
      The Association established an industry-wide network called LINC in 1986 to improve life insurers' services for its policyholders and to increase the business efficiency of the life insurers and client companies.
    1. (10)Social Service Activities
      The Association is engaged in a variety of social service activities, such as supporting elderly care and child rearing, and enhancing family and community bonds through environmental education.
    2. (11)Library
      The Association has a collection of 25,000 books and materials, mainly related to life insurance.